If you are not a confident rider or haven't ridden in a while or just want to venture from the tarmac and onto the dirt and learn some basic skills, then this foundation course is the one for best you.

Sacred Rider can improve your skills and confidence and give you a better understanding of how a bike works, improve your riding and have some fun at the same time.

Through our stepped approach, each course builds on the previous one, and teaches you how to ride better, ride safer and above all ride under control in any situation.

This foundation course will put you on the right track to enjoying that riding even more.

We'll start with the basic setup of your bike and continue through to tackling some small obstacles often encountered along the trails. In between, we'll ride on varying terrain: up and down, giving you hints and tips on what gears to use, body posture, use of brakes, cornering and more!

All information that will enable you to ride more confidently in any given circumstance, whether that be tow paths or single track routes.

The watchword of all our courses is control.

Practice makes perfect, and we'll be doing lots of that! Each part of the skills course is completed through explanation, demonstration, practice and then feedback, then more practice if need be.

We are not going to be churning out the miles, in fact the routes used are quite short and are chosen for their variety and suitability as teaching aids rather than longevity. So super fitness isn't a prerequisite of this course, nor is having all the latest gear.

At the end of the day you will see an improvement in your riding and be given a boost in confidence to tackle trails more confidently, with more commitment and more in control.

All our courses are tailored to the needs of the group, and generally won't follow a set format. Although the main learning points will be covered.  

If you need more information about this course then please contact me.