If you have ridden before and are quite competent on a bike, but want to tackle more demanding terrain and centre trails graded up to red, then this course is for you.

We'll cover all the basics points from the foundation course and use these to go into more in depth aspects of your riding.

We'll look at:

Track stands and why we need them.

Why the body follows the head and why your shoulders control the bars.

Introduction to drop offs and step ups.

Taking corners and berms.

Body positioning and weight distribution.

Better braking and being 'in control'

Getting it up, front wheel lifts

Rocks, roots and ruts

Psychology (what?)

and much much more....

                                                                 But not this... 


The emphasis on all our courses is being in control , riding more safely and progression


Richard in control @ Cannock chase... Head up looking at the exit to this corner. Textbook stuff!