If you are confident on tackling single track routes and rough terrain and can ride comfortably on red graded center trails, but are looking to advance even further and tackle those pesky black routes, then this advanced skills course is the one for you.

At this level we look at more demanding terrain and fine tuning your current skills. We'll recap on the main points already covered in the intermediate skills course and concentrate on getting you faster, smoother and safer down those tracks.

The drop offs will be bigger, the slopes steeper and the climbing a bit tougher.

I even take the first aid kit on this one!

We'll take a look at;

Which way down, line choices.

Traction ~ mud, sweat and those gears.

Pumping those tracks.

Active body positioning and relaxing that grip.

Speed is our friend.

More rocks and rolls.


And having more control than you thought possible.